A soliloquy of OCOTOMO
"Good clothes & Bad clothes"

The pants which is tight of a woman are popular, but the inconvenience that is very worried about is easy to pick out.
The hips is smashed and just like dies by an impression as diaper cover, and a top of the rest hips emphasizing tight is smashed, and a top of two one hips has originally become one.
Their figure is never bad, and underpants are bad.
It is failure of a person cutting sense of beauty want and a pattern of a designer obviously.
Foreigner is surprised that this considers it as normal only with Japanese, and and smiles wryly.
Though, on clothes, I hide a weak point of figure of oneself and revise it, and there is an important duty made look like neatly.

How should you be what kind of diaper cover pants?A one worried about "click" it

The clothes which a caster of television wore improved to watch it recently.
But clothes of 19.800-29.800 yen sold at a chain store of "SUITS SOMEHOW?"are still terrible .
A silhouette and balance uses a bad paper pattern and is because it is made with the trip that can be sewed simply early cheaply.
It is a cause to take in a popular element on an existing paper pattern forcibly partially.
I can wonder whether there is just person fitted on these clothes?
I tried to illustrate it where was bad.

High clothes equal can't call good clothes, cheap clothes equal bad clothes unconditionally.
But they sell from a cheap thing by the badness of this business, and clothes selling for the person whom it is sold to seem to be composition to be near "if bad coin expels good coin" by a way of thinking that a good product, a person bought are in time for with this.
Persons made emphasize the item which can explain it with reason such as the material, colored pattern, a design, a price, fashion, the durability, convenience, function, and "it makes Buddha and doesn't hire a soul, and spirit of does" whether original value added = feeling consciousness to satisfy sensitivity such as feel, looks, a mood, smart dresser will not fall out. 

  *You read this sentence, and tell me about a sentence of English that it is felt, and is considered to be funny when strange please.

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